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The audit trail of a record provides an overview of the record’s entire history. An entry is added to the audit trail of a record when it is created and when it is updated. Each audit entry specifies when the creation or update took place, and who performed it. The entry describing the creation of a new record specifies which fields were populated and the value that each of these fields was set to. Update entries list the new values that were entered in empty fields, the field values that were changed to new values, and the fields that were cleared.

To access a record’s audit trail, open the record in View or Edit mode, click on the Actions button of the toolbar and select the “View Audit Trail…” option.

People with the Auditor role or the Account Administrator role of an account are able to use the “Audit Entries” option of the Settings console. This option offers a chronological overview of all record creations, updates and deletions of all record types, or when a different view is selected, for a specific record type.