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Short URL

Short URLs are used mostly to shorten the long URLs with which end users can pull up a specific knowledge article or request template in 4me Self Service, or with which they can submit a request for a specific configuration item.

Short URLs are also ideal for creating QR codes and NFC tags that can be placed on configuration items or at locations where users may need support. Account administrators and configuration managers are able to generate multiple short URLs at a time. These reserved short URLs can then be exported and used to order QR codes or NFC tags in bulk.

Every person who has the Specialist role of an account can generate a short URL in that account to reduce the length of a long URL so that it can be shared more easily with others. Only a person who has the Configuration Manager role or the Account Administrator role of an account can maintain the short URLs of that account.

The Short URL Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Short URL form.