4me Help


Products are registered in 4me to define hardware models and software applications. Products are subsequently used to register individual hardware items (that have a unique serial number), versions of software applications, and license certificates for software applications. Firmware can be treated in a similar manner as software.

New configuration items (CIs) can only be registered from a product. When registering a new CI, the information of the selected product is used to fill out as many of the fields of the new CI as possible.

Each hardware product offers quick access to a complete overview of the organization’s CIs of that specific model. Similarly, each software product provides a list of the different versions of the software that exist within the organization, as well as the licenses that the organization has for the software product.

Only a person who has the Configuration Manager role of an account can maintain the products of that account.

The Product Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Product form.