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Account Trust

Account Trusts can be established to allow different organizations to work together in 4me. When two 4me accounts trust each other, they are able to establish service level agreements and first line support agreements between each other and register them in 4me. A trust relation also allows organizations to make their roles available for assignment to each other’s people.

The data center organization offers 24×7 first line support to the different business units of a large corporation. Each business unit has its own IT department that uses 4me. Once trust relations have been established between the data center and the business units, the data center can register a first line support agreement for each business unit. This does not yet allow people of the data center to register requests for the end users of the business units. The service desk analysts of the data center need to have the Service Desk Analyst role of the business units to be able to do that. The trust relations allow the account administrator of each business unit to make the Service Desk Analyst role of his/her account available to the data center account. This makes it possible for the account administrator of the data center to assign the Service Desk Analyst role of each business unit to the data center’s service desk analysts.

In addition to allowing one account’s roles to be used by another account, trust relations can be used to give one account the ability to assign tasks to the other account.

It is also possible to specify in a trust relation that one account is allowed to assign the support responsibility for their configuration items to one or more teams of the other account.

Only a person who has the Account Administrator role of an account can maintain the account trusts of that account.

The Account Trust Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Account Trust form.