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Webhook Fields

Webhook Fields

The table below lists the fields of the Webhook form and provides utilization guidelines for each field.

Field Label Utilization Guideline

The Disabled box is checked when the webhook may not send any calls the URI.


The Event field is used to select the type of event that is to trigger the webhook to call the URI.


The URI field is used to specify the uniform resource identifier (URI) that is used to identify the resource to which the webhook is to send its HTTP POST call every time that the selected event occurs.

Webhook policy

The Webhook policy field is used to select the webhook policy that defines how to cryptographically sign the webhook messages.


The Description field is used to enter a description that explains what the webhook is used for.

Mail exceptions to

The Mail exceptions to field is used to enter the email address to which the exception email notifications are to be sent. After an exception has been detected, an exception email notification is sent to explain that the call to the URI will be attempted again. The number of retries for a specific call is limited to 10. The interval between retries increases with each failed attempt. If a specific call is still unsuccessful after 10 attempts, then no further attempts are made for this call.

While a call is being retried, the same webhook may get triggered again. To prevent an overload of exception emails, the number of these emails is limited to 1 very 20 minutes per webhook.

After 20 consecutive failures, the webhook is automatically disabled. A separate exception email notification is sent out when this happens.

If this field is left empty, the exception email notifications are sent to each person who has the Account Administrator role of the account in which the webhook is registered.

Last delivery

The Last delivery field provides a link to the webhook delivery that was generated after the webhook was last triggered.