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A team is typically a group of people who work together to provide support for one or more services and/or which is responsible for maintaining a number of configuration items. Most organizations have one Service Desk team, which is responsible for providing first line support for all services. In addition, an organization may have teams with names like Network, Unix, Database Administration, Application Development, etc.

The members of a team are defined by relating people to it. A person can be a member of more than one team. A person cannot be made a member of a team, however, unless he/she has the Specialist role of the account to which the team belongs.

Once a person has become a member of a team, he/she is able edit the Team record to specify who the team’s coordinator is. The manager of a team is able to update all fields of his/her Team record. It is not necessary for a team’s manager to be a member of the team.

Only a person who has the Account Administrator role of an account can maintain all teams of that account.

The Team Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Team form.