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A task is an assignment that is part of a workflow. There are four different types of tasks:

  • Risk and impact analysis tasks – Used to help plan the workflow.
  • Approval tasks – Used to collect the necessary approvals.
  • Implementation tasks – Used to execute the different steps of the implementation plan.
  • Automation tasks – Used for fully automated tasks.

The tasks of a workflow can be linked together to form a workflow. The workflow ensures that successor tasks are automatically assigned after their predecessors have been completed successfully.

Only the manager of a workflow is able to manually add tasks to the workflow. A manager of a workflow must have the Workflow Manager role of the account to which the workflow belongs.

A task can be marked as urgent by any specialist who has access to the task. The “Mark as Urgent” option is available in the Actions menu. Marking a task as urgent causes it to appear at the top of the inbox views, without affecting the target of the task.

The Task Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Task form.