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Skill Pool Fields

Skill Pool Fields

The table below lists the fields of the Skill Pool form and provides utilization guidelines for each field.

Field Label Utilization Guideline

The Picture field is used to add a picture or logo of the skill pool.

Click on the picture to enlarge it or to change it.


The Name field is used to enter the name of the skill pool.


  • Financial Controllers
  • SAP Key Users
  • Safety Officers

The Disabled box is checked when the skill pool may no longer be related to other records.


The Manager field is used to select the manager or supervisor of the skill pool. This person is able to maintain the information about the skill pool. The manager of a skill pool does not need to be a member of the skill pool.


The Remarks field is used to add any additional information about the skill pool that might prove useful.
This field allows basic text formatting.

Cost per hour

The Cost per hour field is used to enter the estimated total cost per work hour of a member of the skill pool for the service provider organization. The value in this field should include the costs of a member’s salary (or rate in case of a long-term contractor), office space, service subscriptions, training, etc.

If the amount is entered in a currency that is different from the currency of the account, this amount is also presented in the currency of the account using the foreign exchange rate of the current date.


The Members table field is used to relate the people who are a member of the skill pool. Skill pools can contain up to 100 members.