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Service Offering

A service offering describes the level at which a specific service can be obtained by a customer. The conditions that apply at this level (e.g. the prerequisites, limitations, charges, etc.) are also defined in the service offering.

Service offerings make it easier to offer customers the same service at different levels. A provider may, for example, offer its customers two choices for the Email service. Let’s assume that the first is the “Standard Email” offering, which includes 5GB storage, 99.8% availability and support during office hours. The charge for the Email service at this level is $100 per mailbox per year. The second offering could be called the “Premium Email” offering. This offering promises 10GB storage, 99.9% availability and 24×7 support for $200 per mailbox per year. In this example, two service offerings would be registered for the Email service. These two service offerings explain the choices that are available to customers that want a subscription for the Email service.

When a customer has selected an offering that provides the right balance between quality and price, the selected service offering is used by the service provider to register a new service level agreement for the customer. By linking the service offering to this new SLA, all the targets and conditions specified in the service offering become part of the SLA.

Together, the service offerings form the service provider’s service portfolio. The service provider’s service catalog is formed by the service offerings that are currently active.

Only a person who has the Service Level Manager role of an account can maintain the service offerings of that account.

Duplicate service offering

After selecting an existing service offering, a service level manager is able to copy its information and paste it into a new service offering by selecting the “Duplicate Service Offering” option from the Actions menu.

The Service Offering Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Service Offering form.