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Service Category

A service category allows services to be grouped together. When people are covered by SLAs for numerous services, it is best to group these services into a smaller number of service categories. This ensures that, when a user begins to submit a request, he/she can first choose one of the service categories, rather than a service from the entire list of services for which he/she is covered. After the user has selected a service category, he/she is able to select one of the services that are linked to this category and for which he/she is covered.

If a service for which the user is covered is not linked to a service category, then this service is included in the list of service categories.

If a service category contains only one service for which the user is covered, then this service, rather than its service category, is presented in the list of service categories.

A service can be related to a service category when they belong to the same account, or when an organization of the service category’s account is the customer of an active SLA for the service.

A service can be linked to multiple service categories of different accounts, but it can only be related to one service category per account.

Only a person who has the Account Administrator role or the Service Level Manager role of an account can maintain the service categories of that account.

The Service Category Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Service Category form.