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A Service record is registered in 4me to provide a high-level description of the core functionality that the service provides. The core functionality that the Email service provides could, for example, be defined as follows:

The Email service provides the ability to send email messages to,
and receive emails from, email users within the organization and
email users connected to the internet.

A Service record is also used to communicate who performs which role for the service. Before using 4me to support the Problem and Change Management processes, ensure that a problem manager, change manager and service owner have been selected in each Service record. Knowing who performs these roles for each service allows 4me to assist these people by automating small actions to make these processes more efficient. For example, in the “Requests for Problem Identification” view of the Records console, a problem manager will see only the requests that are related to an instance of the service(s) for which he/she acts as the problem manager.

A service also provides a means of grouping information by service. This makes it easy to, for example, look up all service offerings, service instances, and SLAs of a service, as well as all requests, problems and workflows that have been registered for it.

Note that the service desk typically provides support for all services. The support activities of the service desk should not be defined in a Service record.

Only a person who has the Service Level Manager role of an account can maintain the services of that account.

The Service Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Service form.