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As part of their compliance efforts, many organizations practice risk management. They do this to ensure that they identify potential risks in advance, analyze these risks and take precautionary steps to eliminate them, or at least minimize their likelihood and/or the impact they could have on the organization.

Risk management can be activated for a 4me account by its account owner in the ‘Account Settings’ section of the “Settings console”/help/settings_console/. Once activated, every risk can be registered as soon as it has been identified. Each risk can be related to the projects, services and/or organizations that could be affected by it. Together, the risks form the organization’s risk registry. This risk registry makes it practical to track and manage the risks that the organization faces.

Any person who has the Specialist role of an account can register risks in that account and take responsibility for managing these risks.

The Risk Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Risk form.