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Reservation Offering

Reservation offerings are used to define which configuration items (CIs) can be made available for people to reserve for temporary use. A reservation offering dictates the hours during which its CIs can be reserved, what the minimum and maximum duration of a reservation is, and the time increments for the duration of a reservation. The time needed to prepare a CI for the next person who reserved it is also specified in a reservation offering, as well as the minimum advance notice that someone who wants to reserve a CI needs to give and how far in the future reservations can be scheduled.

To allow people to reserve one of the CIs of a reservation offering, the reservation offering needs to be related to a request template of the category ‘Reservation’.

Only a person who has the Configuration Manager role or the Account Administrator role of an account can maintain the reservation offerings of that account.

The Reservation Offering Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Reservation Offering form.