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A Person record should be registered for each person who needs to have access to the 4me service. People also need to be registered so that they can be related to the requests they submit, configuration items they use, workflows they manage, etc.

Typically, an organization registers a Person record for each of its employees and long-term contractors. Person records can be automatically maintained using data from, for example, the organization’s Active Directory. Apart from the people who work for the internal organizations, it is also possible to register people who work for external organizations that the IT support organization is in frequent contact with.

A person who has the Service Desk Analyst, Account Administrator and/or Directory Administrator role of an account can maintain the Person records for that account. Note, however, that only an account administrator can maintain the roles of a Person record. A person is able to maintain his/her own personal information and preferences in Self Service, in his/her Person record, or in the Settings console.

The Person Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Person form.