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Both internal organizations (e.g. divisions, business units and departments), as well as external organizations (e.g. suppliers, managed service providers and external customers) can be registered using the Organization form.

An internal organization is an organization that is part of the organizational hierarchy to which the organization belongs that is directly linked to the 4me account. The organization that is directly linked to the account can be found in the ‘Account Overview’ section of the Settings console. Any organization that is directly or indirectly connected to this organization by means of the parent-child relations is considered ‘internal’.

An organization is considered as external when it is defined in the 4me account (or its directory account) and when the organization is not part of the organizational hierarchy to which the organization belongs that is directly linked to the 4me account.

A trusted organization, on the other hand, is not defined in the 4me account or its directory account. This can be either an internal or external organization that has a trust relationship with the (support domain) account in which the organization is registered.

Making sure that the organizations can be identified correctly by 4me as either ‘internal’ or ‘external’ is important. Examples of where this distinction is used are:

  • People who are part of an external organization may submit requests only for other people who belong to the same organization.
  • People can become the customer representative for an SLA from another account only when they belong to an internal organization.
  • The options in the Supplier fields are limited to the external organizations, plus the organization that is directly linked to the account.

Although it is possible to simply relate all employees and long-term contractors to a single internal Organization record, it is strongly recommended to link people to the department they work for. This allows service level agreements to be established with specific departments.

A person must be part of one and only one organization. Person records that are created automatically are related to the default organization, as defined in the Account settings. This organization must have the setting ‘End user privacy’ enabled. People in such an organization are organized together, but cannot ‘see’ eachother in 4me.

Service level managers need to be able to maintain the information of external service providers and external customer organizations. Configuration managers need to maintain the information of suppliers of configuration items. Account administrators are normally responsible for taking care of the internal organizations. That is why people who have the Service Level Manager, Configuration Manager, Account Administrator and/or Directory Administrator role of an account are able to maintain the organizations of that account.

The Organization Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Organization form.