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Key Contact

An end user can be given one additional role. That is the Key Contact role. The Key Contact role gives an end user additional capabilities in 4me Self Service. Specifically, a key contact is able to review all requests that have been submitted for people who work for the same organization as the key contact, or who work for an organization that is hierarchically below the key contact’s organization. A key contact is able to add notes to these requests and, if needed, reopen them.

A key contact can also access some dashboards directly from 4me Self Service. For this, the dashboard needs to be shared using a setting that is available from dashboards that are exclusively based on requests or affected SLAs. From the self-service portal, a key contact can drill down into the dashboard to find detailed data. The key contact can apply filters, do an export, or show underlying data.

The Key Contact role is account-specific. A person needs to have the Key Contact role of an account to be able to access requests that are registered in this account. This makes it possible, for example, to allow a manager to see all requests from employees of the manager’s organization, except for the ones that are registered in the HR account. This role cannot be shared with trusted accounts.