4me Help

Import & Export

People with the Account Administrator role of an account are able to use the Import and Export functionality within the Records console. They can use it to import new records or updates of existing records into the accounts for which they have the Account Administrator role, or to export records from these accounts.


To import records into 4me, go to the Records console and select the type of record that needs to be imported. Next, click on the Actions button and select the “Import…” option. This allows you to select the UTF-8 encoded comma-separated values (CSV) or tab-separated values (TSV) file that contains the information of the records that need to be imported. After you have selected the import file, you can click on the Import button to start the import.

When the import is finished you receive an email notification in which the results are summarized. You are also able to see when the import is finished, and whether it was successful, in the System Logs section of the Settings console. Any error messages can be opened from the entry in the System Logs.

Preparing an Import File

The Import section of the 4me Developer documentation describes how import files can be prepared for the different types of 4me records. An example CSV file is available for download in this section for each type of import file.


To export all records of a specific type, select the record type in the Records console, click on the Actions button and select the “Export…” option.

For some record types, you are able to select what information from the selected record type you want to export. For example, when you have selected the record type “People”, you are able to indicate whether you want to export the details of the people, their contact details, or the roles they are authorized to use within 4me.

When you click on the Export button, a UTF-8 encoded CSV file will be prepared. After the export file has been generated, you receive an email notification. This email contains a hyperlink that can be used to downloaded the export file to your computer.

Advanced Exporting

It is possible to include multiple record types in a single export. Account administrators can do this in the “Export” section of the Settings console. There, it is also possible to schedule full, partial or incremental exports. The Export Fields page explains how the different fields of the Export form can be used to start or schedule advanced exports.