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First Line Support Agreement

A first line support agreement (FLSA) specifies which team is responsible for providing the single point of contact that end users can contact to obtain support for the IT services they use. The hours during which this service desk team can be reached for support are also stipulated in an FLSA. In addition, an FLSA typically includes a description of the targets that the service desk needs to meet, as well as the amount the FLSA’s customer is charged for first line support.

By identifying the service desk for an account, 4me is able to assign requests, which are submitted by end users who did not select a service, to this team. Similarly, it allows 4me to reassign declined requests to the service desk team if these requests had not previously been assigned to another team.

An FLSA is always established between two organizations. Both organizations belong to the same account when the service desk is a team that belongs to the account of the people that it is to support. The customer and provider organizations may also belong to different accounts. In such a case, the first line support provider registers the FLSA and specifies which of its teams will act as the service desk for the people of the customer organization. In order to be able to establish an FLSA with a customer organization of another account, a trust relation needs to exist between your organization’s account and the customer’s account.

When the customer organization of an FLSA belongs to another account, then people with the Service Level Manager role of the customer’s account are able to select the customer representative for the FLSA.

Only a person who has the Service Level Manager role of an account can maintain the FLSAs of that account.

The First Line Support Agreement Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the First Line Support Agreement form.