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A Dashboard can be created by adding any of the reports from the “Reports” section of the Analytics Console. A Dashboard can be designed by adding the required reports, and then resizing and/or dragging and dropping the reports into the desired position on the dashboard. Filters can be applied at the dashboard level or at the report level.

Access to the dashboards works as follows:

  • Anyone with the Specialist role can create a new dashboard
  • People with the Specialist role can view their own dashboards, all dashboards in their account that are set to “Shared Within Account”, and dashboards in their account that are set to “Shared With Members of Team(s)” or “Shared With Members of Skill Pool(s)”, if they are part of a Team or Skill Pool that the dashboard has been shared with. People with the Key Contact role can view dashboards that are shared with their organization in 4me Self Service.
  • Only the owner of a dashboard can edit or delete a dashboard

The Dashboard Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Dashboard form.