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Automation Rule

Automation rules can be added to many record types in 4me. They are used to automatically update 4me records or send an email when specific conditions have been met. When automation rules are defined in a template, they get added to a record when the template is applied to this record.

If a task template belongs to multiple workflow templates, but its automation rules should only be added when a task is generated based on one of these workflow templates, then the automation rules should be added after first opening the workflow template and then selecting the task template to include these rules in the link between the workflow template and the task template. The same is possible for rules that need to be added to a project task only when it is generated because a specific project template is applied to a project.

Automation rules can also be used to automate the maintenance of people, organizations, teams and sites in 4me using SCIM provisioning.

The Account Designer role or the Account Administrator role is required to create and maintain automation rules in standard and support domain accounts. In directory accounts, the Directory Designer role or the Directory Administrator role is required.

Detailed examples of automation rules for common use cases can be found in Automation Rule Examples.

The Automation Rule Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Automation Rule form. The Automation Rule Operators page provides an overview of the available expressions.