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App Offering

App offerings allow standard connections between the 4me service and external systems. A provider can set up app offerings in its account and publish them for the provider’s trusted accounts. These trusted accounts can then install these offerings from the ‘Apps’ section of their Settings console console.

The actual implementation of the logic to connect 4me and the external application runs outside 4me and is controlled by the provider. Providers can use cloud services like Amazon’s AWS Lambda functions, Microsoft’s Azure Automation or Google’s Cloud Functions, or use a dedicated hosting infrastructure for their integrations.

This architecture allows fully automated installation of integrations for customers while giving customers control over what a provider can do and access in the customer’s account. This offers providers the freedom to develop and expose apps that interact with external systems based on events in the customer’s 4me account, and to interact with the data in the customer’s 4me account based on events in an external system.

When providers want to change the definition of an app offering they can publish a new version. Customers must explicitly approve an update before it takes effect in their account.

Every person who has the Account Administrator role can define and maintain app offerings in their organization’s account in the ‘App Offerings’ section of the Settings console. Only after publishing an app offerin does it become visible in the trusted accounts.

The App Offering Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the App Offering form.