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Affected SLA

Affected SLAs are small records that are added automatically to a request whenever the request may need to be included in a service level management report. In such cases, the actual response duration, actual resolution duration, and downtime duration may need to be determined. The actual values, as well as the applicable targets, are stored in the affected SLA records to facilitate accurate service level management reporting.

Members of a team that is responsible for meeting the targets of one or more affected SLAs that are related to a request see these affected SLAs highlighted. The color in which an affected SLA is highlighted is determined by how long it will take to reach the nearest target. If the nearest target is already in the past, then the affected SLA is presented in red. It is presented in orange when nearest target is less than 20 minutes in the future, Yellow is used to indicate that the nearest target of the affected SLA is between 60 and 20 minutes from the current moment. Green means that the nearest target is 60 minutes or more away or that no target is specified.

The nearest target may be a response target when a response has not yet been provided. Otherwise, it is a resolution target.

Note that a response for an affected SLA is considered to have been provided when:

  • the service instance (SI) that is linked to the affected SLA is different from the SI selected in the request,
  • the status of the request has been set to ‘In Progress’, ‘Waiting for…’, ‘Workflow Pending’ or ‘Completed’, or
  • the request has been assigned to a team that is not the first line team or the support team.

The most stringent of the response and resolution targets of the team to which the request is currently assigned is used as the next target of the request. The next target is displayed in the header bar of an open request that is presented in View mode. The next target dictates the color of the header bar in the same way that the nearest target of an affected SLA determines the color in which the affected SLA is highlighted for members of the team that is responsible for meeting the targets specified in the affected SLA.

The Affected SLA Fields page provides field utilization guidelines for each field of the Affected SLA form.